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1609, 2020

How to Increase OEM Parts Department Sales

A successful parts department is a powerful way for dealerships to generate additional revenue and higher profit margins. However, it’s a strategy that many dealerships often overlook. Here are 3 tips to help parts managers increase their auto parts sales. 1) Sell More OEM Auto Parts When it comes to auto repairs, not all parts are the same. A repair shop’s first instinct may be to request Aftermarket parts because they’re more affordable nb. But that may
1409, 2020

Safety Perks of the Best Rated 2018 Auto

Safety Perks of the Best Rated 2018 Automobiles When we buy a car for our daily use the topmost priority or decision making factor is based on the safety features of that car. Although the looks of the car, styling, performance and visual appeal play a vital role in our purchase decision we always remain concern whether the car will be able to protect our family in case of an accident or emergency situation. So
409, 2020

How to Sell OEM Auto Parts in Amazon & Ebay

How to Sell OEM Auto Parts on Amazon To start selling on Amazon, you must apply as a seller and meet the following requirements:
  • Must be on the professional selling plan.
  • Must have compliant product images.
  • Must list all major brands with universal product codes (UPCs).
  • Must warrant all certified, Automotive & Powersports products with the manufacturer or re-manufacturer.
  • Must have reviewed the Automotive & Powersports Part Finder and Fitment Data page
How to Sell OEM Auto
209, 2020

Reasons to Sell Auto Parts Online

Nowadays everyone expects the ability to research and buy anything online, at any time, on any device. With an incredible rise in numbers of the current online shopping trend, it is no surprise that more and more buyers are purchasing factory auto parts online. The benefits, however, are not only reserved for the shopper. The average dealer website with eCommerce generated over $260,000 in online part sales in 2019. Are you equipped to get your share of
2008, 2019

Partsites Increases you ROI from the Start

How does PartSites help your business from start to finish. Starting at the part form level, filling it on your dealership website should be painless. The process is time-consuming, inaccurate, and restricting for both your customer and your staff. But worst of all, it’s costing you sales. How does the parts form cost ME sales, exactly? Here’s how: The time it takes Your customer to fill out the form… Submit it, get a response from the dealership, and receive
2008, 2019

Google Doesn’t Like Your Picture

If you use Google Shopping, you may have an email that says images are disapproved because of Google Shopping feed specifications . Maybe you received Google’s “risk of disapproval” email, followed by the “preemptively disapproved” email. Or, if you’re a distributor or manufacturer, maybe you have an email from one of your major resellers, along with a spreadsheet of disapproved products due to image problems. There are a lot of changes with Google Shopping images
1503, 2019

Protect Yourself Against Fraud

There are companies out there selling their security technology and services to protect people against fraud and online theft. This is a very common thing nowadays, people and companies have been hacked for private information in the hands of people that should not have it. As consumers we want to make sure our information is secure and protected. “Fraud protection is the process of protecting online transactions from being lured into scams over the internet.” There is
803, 2019

Things You Should Know About Gateways

Having an e-store can be a lot of work, there are many different components that go into it, some we may not even think of right off the bat. One huge component of an e-store is a payment gateway. Imagine having a store with no way for your customers to pay, just a fancy shop exhibiting all your parts and accessories, but not for sale. A payment gateway allows you to start making

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