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General FAQ’s

We understand that inventory changes throughout the day, so instead of limiting your sale potential to only the items you have in stock, we enable you to sell the entire catalog of parts regardless if you have it in stock or not. This allows you to source the item from the manufacturer or parts distributor after you receive the order, to then ship out to your customer.
Absolutely, we are 100% PCI complaint and use only tokenized gateways to ensure the security of your customers. We schedule regular McAfee/Hacker Safe tests and are certified daily to protect against server vulnerabilities and hack attempts. Included with your store is a 2048/256 bit encrypted SSL certificate to give both you and your customer peace of mind.
Yes, most manufacturers offer Co-Op funds for online ventures and our software fits within those requirements.
You do, it’s your website & customer. You have the option to bill automatically as soon as the order comes in, or you can pre-authorize the card at the time of order placement and charge whenever you are ready too. This allows you to source the part or confirm part fitment before taking the funds and processing the order.
The online processors we currently offer are PayPal Express, PayPal Advanced, PayPal Flow, CDG, Authorize.com and SkipJack. If you have a merchant processor and it’s not on our list, we may consider integrating however, any 3rd party processor must be A+ rated, PCI Compliant tokenized gateway/merchant provider. Some of the FREE features provided are free setup, fraud protection, address verification, cardholder authentication, reports and virtual terminals.
Emails are automatically sent to the customer for registration, order status updated and final shipment. Dealers are also notified of any orders or messages sent. You have the option to add comments, flag as ‘Must Read’ and choose not to send the automated email.
We understand that manufactures change the prices all the time, but with Partsites there is no work to be done on your end. We monitor for changes in the list and cost of individual items, core prices, discontinued and even superseded parts on a monthly basis. We do our best to keep prices as up to date as possible.
If you have any aftermarket items you would like to add to the catalog, we offer a “Create Your Own Catalog” feature for any apparel, die-casts, performance or whatever else you might offer.
Yes, in the customer manager you have the ability to set-up unique price levels, accept PO numbers, remove tax, free shipping, etc…
Domain privatizing is like a domain mask where the entire catalog resides under your domain name.
Yes, we can give the eStore a custom “one-off” design for a one-time fee on top of your subscription.
Yes, you have complete control of the pricing structure for both hard parts and accessories. You control how competitive you want to be online and the amount of profit you hope to make on each individual order.
Yes, our websites are mobile friendly and responsive, on all phones and tablets. 
No, You can cancel at any time. The beauty of PartSites is that although we do offer yearly subscriptions, most of our clients are on a monthly based subscription. We do not require a contract, all we ask is for a 30 days notice of cancellation.
PartSites has been dominating the Automotive Parts eCommerce industry for longer than most of our competition. This has allowed us to confidently say we offer you best value. For the most accurate pricing, please contact us @ 800-915-3353.
None. Most of our competitors have setups fees & cancellations fees, we don’t. The only thing we ask for is first and last payment during the sign-up process. 
Yes, we will walk you through step-by-step on how to set it up. 
Don’t worry, we can help you get the best domain for your specific needs. 
Yes, we have two levels of eBay integration.
Our eStore catalogs are designed to be as search engine friendly as possible.  This increases the likelihood of ranking organically to drive more traffic to your site. We also offer our Pagetech technology to add even more content to the site.
Pagetech enables you to generate thousands of SEO pages per brand, increasing the relevancy of your site online. Unique meta information and content for the each of the thousands of pages on your site, helps your site drive traffic!
You can, if you want too. Your estore can go live and be 100% functional without it, if you do choose to write it over time. You also have the option to have one of our Partsites content specialist write it for you for a small one time fee! Remember content is king online and the more relevant/quality information you provide, the increased likelihood of traffic heading your way organically. This also keep CPC down if you do decide to do PPC marketing!
We highly recommend it! Although the sites are designed to be picked up organically over time, we definitely recommend you allocate a budget for  PPC marketing.  Our eStores are made to keep your average cost-per-click (CPC) as low as possible and maximize your profits!
Don’t Worry! Most of our clients are dealerships and their parts manager don’t want to be bothered with setting up Google AdWord campaigns. We offer our IMPACT program where we work with your budget to setup marketing campaigns for you. Our marketing specialist will then closely monitor the campaigns and make constant changes based on the performance of specific keywords or phrases to maximize profits.

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