REQUEST QUOTE IT’S MORE THAN JUST “CLICKS” You have to really know OEM PARTS to convert “Clicks” into ORDERS!

Great Online Marketing is Arduous Work!

Digital advertising today is a very complicated and time-consuming science with a lot of moving parts leaving little room for error. For most online parts retailers, there’s never enough time in the day or enough resources to get it done right and getting it wrong is simply not a financial option. If you’re not generating traffic you’re not generating sales. That’s the bottom line and that’s why we’ve developed IMPACT.

It Takes Technology

Great tech companies are all about great people but great tech companies are all about great tech products too and IMPACT fits the bill. Although we are big believers in maintaining a meaningful “manual” hand on the pulse of our ad accounts, we also understand the importance and prudent utilization of software automation to increase efficiency and account performance wherever feasible.

IMPACT is engineered to deliver high-quality traffic and sales to your site, minimizing bounce rates that can kill your budget and ROI. Certified by the largest search providers, we are the authority on OEM parts & accessories eStore advertising. We specialize in creating highly relevant, content-rich and intelligently targeted marketing campaigns that drive buyers at the best ROI. No local or national firm can offer the power of IMPACT.

It Takes Action

Call us now! Our experts will design a program that not only drives traffic but increases sales conversion. With our professionals at your marketing wheel, you only need to pick, pack, ship and watch your ROI soar!


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