How to Increase OEM Parts Department Sales

A successful parts department is a powerful way for dealerships to generate additional revenue and higher profit margins.

However, it’s a strategy that many dealerships often overlook. Here are 3 tips to help parts managers increase their auto parts sales.

1) Sell More OEM Auto Parts

When it comes to auto repairs, not all parts are the same. A repair shop’s first instinct may be to request Aftermarket parts because they’re more affordable nb. But that may not be true in the long run. There are many benefits of selling customers your OEM parts instead.

Speed Up the Order Process

There are more aftermarket parts available than OEM. But the large selection comes with a price. It would take you and the repair shop more time to discuss price, brands, quality and fit of a wide variety of aftermarket parts. That’s extra time that your parts department could be finalizing and increasing parts department sales with other customers. With the Ecommerce site that Partsites offers you this extra time is a given.

Stop Wasting Time Processing Returns

When it comes to replacements, your customers absolutely need the right part for the vehicle. Otherwise, that part won’t work. OEM parts are the best choice since they’re made by the original manufacturer. An OEM part will easily fit the vehicle, match with other parts and perform exactly the same as the part that the repair shop is replacing. Since they’re a guaranteed fit, OEM replacement parts minimize the time and cost of processing returns to your parts department.

Make OEM Parts More Affordable

Price is important to repair shops. However, OEM replacement parts usually cost more than aftermarket. That’s why OEMs offer promotional programs that often match or beat aftermarket pricing.

2) Enable Shops to Order Your OEM Parts Online

When a vehicle sits in the shop, it costs the parts installer money and is a potential revenue loss. The aftermarket does a good job making sure that repair shops can quickly and easily purchase auto parts online. To compete against aftermarket online parts ordering technology and incentivize repair shops to buy more auto part from you, offer an inventory of OEM replacement parts online, in your new ecommerce site created by PartSites.

Protect Your Current Business

Many dealerships think that their customers don’t shop online – but they do. In fact, 85% of people start the buying process with online searches. So while many repair shops call you to place an order, they typically call after researching options online. Protect and grow sales to your current customers by making it easy for your customers to shop for and purchase your OE replacement parts online. Get an Ecommerce site from PartSites that will be the first great solid step.

Take Orders 24/7

Did you know that 52% of all parts ordering happens outside of typical business hours? The internet never closes. When you offer online parts ordering, your inventory is available to shops 24/7, without the expense of hiring a crew to work second or third shift. With online parts ordering, you can increase auto parts sales and begin each day with parts orders to fulfill. Giving your clients access to purchase your OEM inventory at any time through your Ecommerce Site is something that PartSites can help you with.

3) Embrace Technology to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Efficient order processing is the difference between earning a profit and breaking even. Choosing PartSites as your software to stream the OEM parts ordering process, allowing dealers and shops to communicate faster and easier without errors.

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