Partsites Increases you ROI from the Start

How does PartSites help your business from start to finish. Starting at the part form level, filling it on your dealership website should be painless. The process is time-consuming, inaccurate, and restricting for both your customer and your staff. But worst of all, it’s costing you sales.

How does the parts form cost ME sales, exactly? Here’s how:

The time it takes Your customer to fill out the form…

Submit it, get a response from the dealership, and receive the part can take days, even weeks. Even the most knowledgeable parts buyer can get held up in the process if the dealership needs to ask questions and exchange emails with the customer. Take too long responding to your customers and they’ll take their business somewhere else.

The solution: With PartSites you don’t need to create a Parts Form, Partsites’ technology allows you to sell auto parts directly through one custom made website or by adding a special token in yours to evolve it to an ecommerce website allow the sale to be made directly through the website, saving you and your customer time.

The form gets abandoned due to its length

As customers get frustrated (chances are, they already need to fix their car or trucks: they’re already upset), their patience disappears. A part form with too many boxes to fill out can cause customers to quit halfway through and go somewhere else. This costs you the sale, the customer, and any other potential customer that individual may tell about your clunky parts form.

The solution: PartSites’ custom made websites, doesn’t need long, tedious part forms. See how your ROI increases, while your recurrent customers go high rocket.

You lose out on the opportunity of more sales

Parts Forms scares off customers. The average amount spent on an online auto part order is around $210: if you missed out on a dozen orders in a day because your customers couldn’t see your entire parts inventory, the opportunity to make $17,640 in a week is gone.

The solution: The PartSites’ “No Part Forms” structure give your customers a reason to come back.

Your Parts Counter employees could be doing something better with their time

Instead of constantly answering phone calls or typing up emails, trying to get more information from the customer regarding the part they need, they could be focusing on other areas of the parts department. If there’s no one available to talk to a customer that walked in, you’ve lost a sale.

The solution: With PartSites’ complete use friendly online catalog your customers will be able to start and finish the process alone.

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