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2112, 2018

Going Beyond The Conversion

During my time in the lovely World of PPC, I have seen many campaigns in complete havoc. No tracking, one-word broad match keywords, targeting the entire planet when you are a local mechanic…and much worse! But what happens when you evaluate an account that is doing seemingly well? Everything seems to be in place, conversions are happening, and the business owner is making money. Where do we go from here? Time to start taking
1212, 2018

Autoparts Dealers Should Use Facebook

A couple of years ago a handful of auto part dealers in any market were using PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEM on Google, some are still not even using this, as a major or only marketing effort. What these awesome dealers discovered, was that by being the first in line they had a HUMONGOUS advantage over their competitors. Today, it is almost 100% of all dealers spending money on Google’s powerful text-based ad tool,
3001, 2018

Tips On Driving Traffic To Your Parts Website

Having a website doesn’t mean that shoppers will automatically make it to your eStore. But there are a few steps you can take that will drive traffic to your site, therefore maximizing your return on investment. You want potential parts buyers to find your online store when searching for parts and you can actively drive customers to your site by doing some of the following: Marketing your site Let’s be honest, there’s a
3001, 2018

4 Ways To Increase Your Auto Part Orders

Because PPC is a key part of a successful digital advertising campaign, there’s usually intense competition between dealerships to gain the digital edge. Across the nation, many dealerships are struggling to find a winning car dealer PPC strategy.  Consider the following strategies you might not have heard of, as you determine how to define your PPC strategy and drive more customers to your dealership website:

Answer Search Queries in Your Ad Copies

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