The Modernization of The Auto Parts Department

There’s no doubt that the automotive industry is changing. The importance of an online presence can’t be overstated. An effective auto parts department business plan must take this into account, by growing online oem auto part sales.

The first interface customers will have with a dealership is the online storefront which allows customers to start the auto parts buying process online. This means mapping out payments and lining up their finances before they step in the door. Why should an online, interactive storefront end with the dealership’s auto car sales be any different?

Additionally, with more autonomous vehicles, cars are safer and collision rates are dropping. This means a crunch in the collision parts revenue. By selling parts online, the parts department can add a whole new revenue channel, making up for the gap in collision revenue.

Selling parts online with a professional eCommerce platform also reduces the number of phone calls to the Parts Department that don’t make you money. With the opportunity of looking for parts using only the VIN number, shoppers can enter their vehicle information and shop with confidence that the parts they’re browsing will fit.

The auto industry is changing. Shoppers are spending more and more online—time and money. This means that establishing an online presence is crucial now more than ever. The benefits of eCommerce don’t stop at the extra revenue you’ll generate. Create a customer experience that chalks up to the expectations of modern shoppers, and you’ll see Parts Department revenue sore. Lucky for you PartSites is there to help you build that genius eCommerce that will help you achieve this goal.

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