Quality vs Quantity

More often than not, these two things go hand in hand. A lot of companies nowadays are moving towards more quantity and forgetting about quality. We are in the era of mass production and trying to get the most for our money. In doing that the quality aspect of this can get left behind and put on the back burner. How do we change this? How do we make it so quality is right there with quantity?

They are both equally important but in the world of car parts, quantity just comes out a little ahead of quality. The reason is that the vast majority of consumers that are looking for these parts want them yesterday; meaning they need or want them as soon as possible. Especially when it comes to cars, no one wants their car to be inoperable. In this specific industry quality is very important because we are dealing with cars so it is vital that when people are purchasing parts they are doing the research and getting the best for their vehicle.

If parts are produced with the highest quality then we don’t have to worry about one being better than the other. But that isn’t the world we live in. People are always looking for the fastest and easiest way to mass produce products.

In the auto world quantity is VERY important because we rely so heavily on our cars. They are our main mode of transportation.

Yes, quantity is important but it isn’t the long term answer. Quantity will definitely get you those sales and you will hit those numbers you are trying to reach but that won’t last forever. Because eventually the consumers will realize the quality isn’t there making them search elsewhere. That is how you lose current and future customers.

Whereas quality will keep your customers loyal even if they have to wait a little extra because they know the product they are getting, a quality product. Quality isn’t only referring to the products but the whole experience. Meaning, customer service, the time it takes to order a part, shipping, and delivery are all vital components of quality.

We as the consumers want the best for our cars because we want them to last for a while. In this world of selling car parts we want to keep our customers happy and keep them with us.

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