The Auto Parts Shopper Journey

Searching for the right car part can be difficult because unless we are car experts, many of us don’t really know what we are looking for. But we follow this common path to hopefully lead us to where we need to be; in this case to the car part we are looking for. Before we reach that final destination there are just a few hurdles, so to speak, that we need to jump over. Some of the most common buyer trends:


OEM Parts-Level marketing benefits you in a trickle-down fashion, but to capture more of the market, real potential customers needs to associate your dealership with their favorite brands and models.

  • Shops for auto parts on their mobile devices
  • Watches new “2019” model release video on Youtube
  • Search for auto parts dealers in Google after watching the video

Dealers using Google Ads for digital branding awareness see up o a 25% increase in Year over year branded search volume.


The right ad gives your potential new buyer the knowledge to create that interest on visiting your eShop. Having the most accurate easy-to-find contact info is essential to capture that lead.

  • Searches for “auto replacement parts in Portland” on their mobile phone
  • Clicks on the most relevant and appealing ad on the search engine
  • Lands in your page and starts the process of purchasing the part

The average ad rank position for the Auto Part Industry is 1.6 for dealers using Google Ads as paid search services.


Having made contact, your potential buyer is now ready for your Excellent Customer Service. Both before and during the search of your online eShop and after purchasing part. The vast majority always expect an Email survey or promotions for their specific model, if not, they can check and add your star-ranking on Google and social media.

  • Gets a re-marketing display image or an email for a promotion or special discount you are offering
  • Visits your social medias and follows you
  • Checks out your start-ranking on google my business

22% of people on the market for auto replacement parts use social media to shop for their parts. The rest uses search engines, Google and Bing.

Next time you’re looking for a car part, just remember your the journey it takes to get there. This will help any consumer get to where they are going.

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