Protect Yourself Against Fraud

There are companies out there selling their security technology and services to protect people against fraud and online theft. This is a very common thing nowadays, people and companies have been hacked for private information in the hands of people that should not have it. As consumers we want to make sure our information is secure and protected.

“Fraud protection is the process of protecting online transactions from being lured into scams over the internet.”

There is nothing more stressful than knowing that your personal information is in the hands of someone that should not have it. So how do we protect ourselves from fraud and theft? Well there are many different ways to do this. Things like fraud protection programs are out there and designed for this specific reason. We can take precautionary steps such as making sure the websites we use are secure, safe, and verified. Another thing we as consumers can do it sign up for programs. These programs will keep a closer eye on your personal information and will alert you if anything suspicious occurs. That way we can take any precautionary measures if needed.


There are also things such as, MaxMind, that will help protect against fraud. MaxMind is a company that deals with IP intelligence and online fraud prevention tools. It looks at all the different variables to determine whether something is fraudulent or not. MaxMind will present you with a score in percentage form that will indicate how fraudulent something is. This will allow people to see in real-time what is going on.

Some of the things we can look at ourselves are;

  • Billing and Shipping Address Information Match
  • AVS/CVV Match
  • Fraud Score Percentage
  • Funky Emails

All of these things can be something to lookout for in order to spot fraud. We want to catch any suspicious activities before anything gets leaked or taken. It  is very crucial to be proactive and take preventative measures so you can shield yourself from any sort of internet harm.

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