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SHOWROOM  “InStore” Vehicle Accessory Experience

The   “Showroom”   experience   is   designed   for   OEMs,   Dealer   Groups,   and Independent  Dealership to provide sales agents a intelligent, comprehensive, and responsive   (mobile/tablet)   web-based   experience  to  promote  and  sell  OEM accessories  during  the  sales  process  to  customers  at  the  local  dealership.   The solution  accounts  for  the  internal  cost  of Fixed-ops adds to accessories that has been  problematic  to  sales  agents to accurately quote & finance accessories. The full  solution  has  optional capabilities to create Special Order Requests (SOR) to facilitate the  fulfillment of accessories added to the car deal know in laymen terms as    a    “We    Owe”    and    send   the   accessories   orders   to   local   Accessory Distributors/warehouses.   The  “INSTORE”  experience  by  Autodata  have  the following  functionality:

(1)  facilitate  agent/customer  engagement

(2)  track  and expedite  lead/ticket/order  lifecycle  and  workflow

(3)  enhance  fixed-ops  order management

(4)  source  orders  from  local/assigned  FADs

(5)  scale  to replicate and manage future showrooms and unlimited FADs.

The result will be an end-to-end solution that is designed to increase dealership accessories sales.

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